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2020 is going to be my selfish year, and here's why..

This decade has been a roller coaster of life lessons.

If I think back to the beginning, 2010, then I was in my most important years of school. About to sit my GCSE's and naive to the world and its ways.

Even back then, I feel I was more confident than I am now, and I'm not sure where I lost that confidence along the way.

2020 is going to be the year I rebuild that confidence.

I feel a lot of this decade, for me, has been spent trying to keep everyone in my life happy and not really caring about my own life or where my life goes. BUT that is all about to change so let us crack on with my resolutions, not just for 2020 but for life. **Queue serious TV advert voice**

Starting with number one. I will start treating myself to pamper time again. This means hair appointments and lash appointments. I will paint my nails and spend time on a weekend doing my brows and having face masks and bubble baths. Self care starts with... well myself and if I feel good in myself again, confidence will follow a whole lot easier.

(so that means more spa days)

Two, with the first resolution in mind, I HAVE to stop dying my hair ten colours a month and really must get it back to good condition. So I have chosen a hair colour in which I absolutely love. And I will keep it this way.

Three. I have a talent and I need to start using it. I need to use this talent and up my insta game, no more half arsed posts. I'm going to put my all into every post and I'm going to be proud of it. No more getting embarrassed when someone brings it up. I should own how far I've got within the last year. This will grow into something bigger if only I'm proud to show it.

Four. Build. 👏🏻That. 👏🏻Confidence.👏🏻 Sis. 👏🏻Nothing comes to those who wait. Everything comes to those who work for it. That's in both my personal life, blog life, work life, every damn life. I can not just sit back and wait for good things to happen to me just because I think I deserve it. And if I think I don't deserve something that is happening to me, I need to speak up about it. No more sitting and waiting for it to pass and just muttering to myself that I'm hurt or pissed off. That is not a life I want to live.

Five. Be serious when you need to be serious but you gotta have more fun. These are your twenties. The best damn years of your life and you don't want any regrets. Don't hold back, let loose, you got this. Keep the people closest in your life close and forget everyone else. You don't need to please everyone, if they disagree with who you are as a person then they can leave.

Kaye you have all the tools to make this the best year, the best decade of your life so go out there and live it.

This may have been a big cheese fest to everyone reading this, but sometimes you just need to be selfish. Sometimes you just need to give yourself a massive pep talk and scream a little bit.

Everyone needs to realise that they have every ability to make their life into whatever the hell they want to make it into.

(Cheers to that)

In 2020, I will judge nobody and especially not myself.

- Kaye xo

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