• Kayleigh Dykes

Christmas has landed at The Deer Park, Leeds!

I was very kindly invited to try out the all new Christmas menu at The Deer Parks' social event.

I was super excited about this one as I'd heard some great things about the food there and knew they had just renovated!

When we arrived the room was set up beautifully with a gold and green Christmas theme. I was already feeling festive but this has really kickstarted Christmas for me this year.

When we sat and waited for others to arrive we were brought a glass of spiced bramble gin topped with Prosecco to start the night off. This was delicious and if I wasn't driving I would have ordered so many more!

For starters, I ordered deep fried brie which came with a spiced fruit and sloe gin chutney. Can I just say, that chutney really made the dish unique and complimented the brie beautifully.

Dylan ordered the roasted tomato soup and was pleasantly surprised at how big the portion was. The soup was a nice thick consistency and one of his favourite things was the crispy vegetables instead of croutons.

It looked absolutely beautiful when it arrived and I was crazy jealous of him.

For our mains, I opted with the salmon which was accompanied by mussels in a creamy sauce. The sauce wasn't overwhelming as the peppers gave a sweet kick to counteract the creaminess and enabled me to eat more without feeling over-stuffed!

Dylan ordered the pork belly and pig cheek and again the portion size was great, I thought he was going to struggle! Usually when you order pork belly you get a really fatty cut of meat but this wasn't overly fatty and was really tender. The meal was hearty which is exactly what you want in a Christmas meal! Nobody goes hungry at Christmas!

All that food and somehow we still found room for dessert.. Let me tell you about those desserts!! They were amazing!!

Of course I had to order the caramel Creme Brûlée, I'm a sucker for anything that has caramel in the name. Dylan ordered the apple and plum crumble served with custard.

I was so excited when the desserts arrived! Mine was served in the cutest little cup and saucer and the crumble was quite possibly the biggest crumble I have ever seen.

This proved too big for Dylan which is a surprise! Usually he can polish anything off!

It was nice to have two different fruits in the crumble and the custard was sweet.

My creme brûlée of course came with biscuits and these were beautifully soft and crumbly which I love. I hate when it comes with biscuits that are rock hard and a hazard to teeth.

Just look happy I was with my teacup!

I left the evening feeling very full and incredibly happy. It's hard not to be happy when you've had great food.

The night was beautifully put together and I will definitely be returning to The Deer Park. It's obvious how much they put into making this a great place and go to great efforts to please customers.

Thank you to The Deer Park for starting my Christmas the right way!

How are you starting off your Christmas this year?

- Kaye xo

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