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Golden Circle Tour & Blue Lagoon, Iceland.

All this cold weather has me reminiscing on my trip to Iceland last January. So let me tell you about it.

One thing I genuinely enjoyed in Iceland was the Golden Circle Tour. I booked this through GetYourGuide and the day was brilliant.

If you book this, you need to wait at the front of the bus station. in Reykjavik. (This is the entrance facing the town where taxis drop you off.) There is literally nobody there to tell you where to wait and the line to the customer service desk is huge. 

After waiting for what seemed like forever, my tour bus came and instructed me that I would get off at the first stop where I would then board a smaller tour bus.

Everything was very well organised and I was excited for the day to come.

The first stop was Þingvellir national park. This place is beautiful and I was so, soo lucky to witness this in the snow. If it snowing when you have a golden circle tour I suggest wrapping up warm and in good shoes because let me tell you it is freezing!! (And if you're like me you WILL slip 10,000 times)

I walked through the park between what I can only describe as canyons covered in snow. The place looked incredible covered in the deep snow and I didn't mind that I was cold one bit. Coming from me that is shocking because I usually HATE being cold!

Next on the days itinerary was Gullfoss Waterfall and what an incredible sight I saw!

I can not even begin to describe how big the waterfall is and how loud the water is gushing through the land.

At this point the sun decided to slowly get out of bed and rise and I saw the most incredible sunrise over the waterfall.

I had time to myself so I could walk around and explore, others even opted to grab a bite to eat in the cafe here.

This place would still have been beautiful regardless of the weather. All I suggest is if there is snow on the ground, please be careful! The stairs down to the bottom carpark get slippy!

I shuffled through the snow onto the mini bus and on route to the next destination.... Iceland's very popular geysers.

We pulled up opposite the geysers and in front of a cafe/souvenir shop. I was SO hungry by this point of the day as I hadn't eaten beforehand so grabbed a burger from the cafe. All you had to do was grab a tray and load it with whatever you fancied. I had the choice from a burger, chicken nuggets, chips, chocolate.. there were too many options to even remember.

All though these burgers were kind of like fast food, they were absolutely delicious and not greasy at all.

I headed outside with a full tum and crossed the road to explore..

The sun had started to go down by now so we managed to capture some stunning photos. The area was full of smoke.. (I think it's actually steam?) and apparently it stunk STRONGLY of rotten eggs. I guess that's the sulphur.

I walked to the top where there was a crowd gathering around one of the larger holes in the floor. Before I got there a huge eruption of steam shot out of the ground.

This was supposed to happen every three minutes but some eruptions were much sooner and some eruptions I had to wait around 5 or 6 minutes for. Well worth the wait though, I've never seen anything like it.

It was starting to get dark and we had all hopped back on the mini bus to head for the Blue Lagoon.

(The tickets into the blue lagoon are not included in this tour and you have to pay separately but the driver takes you there and waits while you have your two hours in the lagoon.)

I collected my gown and flip flops from the reception area and headed for the changing rooms.

The changing rooms are so clean and fairly easy to navigate. Before entering the lagoon, you need to shower without your bathing suit on and they provide conditioner to put in your hair because the lagoon will dry it out otherwise!

I definitely advise to use this conditioner and leave it in your hair while you're in the lagoon. I did this and my hair still felt absolutely disgusting when I got out.

I don't really have much to say about the Blue Lagoon because when we got there it was super dark outside and it was the middle of a snow storm. There were crazy waves in the lagoon and the snow froze my eyelashes.

It was kind of hard to see where the heck you were going too because the lighting wasn't great.

I still had an amazing time though and the smoothies are to die for!

*If you are at all interested in booking this tour I have linked below the exact tour I booked. This was booked through Getyourguide and my day was amazing. A day I will remember all my life*


- Kaye xox

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