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Keeping fit doesn’t mean you need a gym membership

Bank holidays are great for long walks!

This morning I got up early and dragged myself to the gym! I really could not be bothered but once you get there it would be pointless turning back, after an hour on the treadmills and throwing myself into the gym showers and back out again as fast as I could, I went to visit the parents!

It would have been easy to sit around all day eating badly and doing nothing! Instead, we drove to Burnsall and did a spot of exploring!

If you feel like you would like to get fit but just can’t bring yourself to signing up to a gym then don’t panic! You can still get fit!

One way to do that is getting up and going for a walk! It doesn’t matter where you walk! Just go! I used to absolutely hate walking, especially if the weather was pants, but now I love it! It can be so peaceful and you can go at any pace, it doesn’t matter if you stroll or walk at speed… exercise is exercise and it all builds up.

One of my favourite places to walk is somewhere with scenery and the Yorkshire Dales is the perfect place for that!

If you walk up the river at Burnsall there’s a lot to see, depending on the time of year. You can walk as far as Grassington if you’re really in the mood for it! In summer, half way up the river there’s a huge cliff and you will see the daredevils jumping in to the water below. (Definitely not for me!) However! Today the weather was pretty rubbish, so we walked on further until we found this cute little bridge. We stopped there as we had parked in Burnsall and would have to walk back to the car but I’d like to walk on further one day!

Let me tell you though, this bridge was so bouncy and narrow! I don’t mind walking over water but even my legs went all jelly on me!

(Insert awful photo of me grabbing the side of the bridge in attempt not to fall in)

The walk only took an hour of my day and in that time I burnt 336 calories (which is around the same as what I burnt this morning running on the treadmill for the same amount of time). So you tell me what you would rather do!

Honestly, whatever way you decide to get active is the right way. Do whatever is comfortable for you, but you can’t go wrong with a relaxing ramble through the countryside!

Let me know your favourite place to walk or your favourite exercise in the comments!

- Kaye xo

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