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My 7 day skincare routine, (Thank you Dermalogica)

I’m going to start this by saying these products were kindly gifted to me by Dermalogica. I have been a fan of their products for a while after purchasing their special cleansing gel.

So, I’ve been testing the products I was sent for 7 full days and let me tell you I have found some favourites. I am by far no skin expert and have struggled myself for years with “bad” skin. It was only recently I have managed to control my problem areas and my skin is on it’s way to being my favourite thing about myself.

My skin literally looks and feels amazing lately and I’ve been getting so many compliments which is insane because my skin has always been very flaky. My dry skin used to get so bad people would ask if I’ve been in the sun because I’m peeling. Cry. What a lovely thing to say btw.

So the product I’ve been using the longest is the special cleansing gel and I started using this with my Clarisonic. I bought a Clarisonic because I heard that this can clean your face 10 times better than your hands can. Whaaaat? Give me some of that please! Let me just tell you, that is definitely true. Before, after I had cleansed, my toner pad would always still be dirty and grim. Don’t know how?! Just was. Gross.

Anyway, I pop some of the gel on my Clarisonic and buzz it around my face for a few seconds and ta da my face is super glowy! Before using the Dermalogica gel I used simple makeup wipes and my skin just felt dull, and still flaked. Dylan gave me loads of compliments about how soft my skin was feeling too!

My skin before felt like actual sandpaper.

I had a few spots, dark circles and dark patches of skin, it looks rough, I know. But have you seen how much my skin has improved in such a short space of time? Amazing?

I am GENUINELY not saying this because these products were gifted. You can not lie about results like that. My skin still has a long way to go but I love how it’s looking.

So let me tell you about the other products I was kindly sent. I was given the brand’s favourites. One product that I really enjoyed using was the daily microfoliant.

After cleansing with the pre-cleanse, gel and microfoliant I’d smother my face and neck in the skin smoothing cream. I feel with this cream I do have to let it soak in for a while after, but I can usually speed this up with the massage head on my Clarisonic. I put this on before bed and my skin does feel great for it the next morning. I will definitely be swapping my Aveeno for this full time though as my Aveeno makes my face feel so greasy the night I apply it and the day following.

And last but not least in the slightest, is the skin perfecting primer. I’ve never used a primer before as I didn’t really know which was the best to try, but thought I should give this one a go. Before testing this out, I didn’t believe a primer could make your makeup look any better, but they really can. I found my foundation didn’t come off on my glasses as much when I used the primer compared to when I missed it out. I absolutely hate taking my glasses off to the bridge being covered in my foundation, urgh rank.

Another thing I noticed was that my makeup looked, I’m not sure what word to use here, airbrushed? Obviously not airbrushed but that kind of vibe. I don’t really know much about using primers to comment on anything else, but those two things were what I noticed the most. I mean, it gives SPF 30 protection, but to test that out you need a little sun and there has been none of that around here.

So that’s my thoughts on these products. These are my genuine thoughts, but I would love to know if you’ve tried any of these products out. And if you have any to recommend to me that I can spend my pennies on please let me know cause I’m eager to find more I love!

– Thanks, Kaye xo

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