• Kayleigh Dykes

The Best Easter Brownies.

Make people want to be your friend. Bake the best brownies you have ever baked. Let them drool over the smell.

In all seriousness, these brownies are easy to make and extra fudgy, gooey and beautiful.

So you are going to have to nip to the shop and get some ingredients.

Take this list with you so nothing is left behind:

200g Unsalted butter. Just stick the cheapest one in your basket.

200g Lindt 70% Dark Chocolate.

150g Light Brown Sugar

125g Plain Flour

7tbsp Cocoa Powder

4 Medium Sized Eggs

1/2tsp Salt

2 bags of Cadbury's Mini Creme Eggs

6 normal sized Cadbury's Creme Eggs

1 bag of Mini Eggs. The pastel coloured speckled kind

85g Icing Sugar

Splash of milk

Few drops of Vanilla Extract

Yellow Food Colouring.

You best believe it. You are ready to get baking.

1) First things first. Preheat that oven. Gas mark 4 / 180 degrees.

2) Line a deep square baking tray with greaseproof paper and let it hang over the edge. This way at the end you can grab the paper edges and lift those brownies right out of the pan with NO issues!

3) Break your dark chocolate into small pieces and slice your butter into chunks, pop them in a bowl and heat slowly over a pan of boiling water until they've both melted together. Let it cool a tad while you do the next step.

4) In a large mixing bowl, add your eggs and sugar and whisk until frothy and twice the density. You can use an electric whisk for this part.

5) Slowly and gradually start to add your melted chocolate. THIS NEEDS TO BE DONE BY HAND. No electric whisks here. (Don't accidentally pour it over the worktops like me, you will have to start again). HAND WHISK until smooooooth.

6) Add the flour, salt and cocoa powder slowly to your mixture and again hand whisk until there's no lumps.

7) Chop your mini creme eggs into halves and fold these into your brownie batter.

8) Pour your mixture into a grease proof paper lined square tray. Spread around until even.

9) Pop in the oven for 15 minutes and during this time chop your full sized creme eggs in half. You can also crush your mini eggs to sprinkle on top as decor.

10) After 15 minutes is up, remove the tray from the oven and push in your halved creme eggs and sprinkle on the mini eggs.

11) Pop back in the oven for a further 15 minutes and remove once done. You should be able to push on the top and have it return back to normal. If it remains sank then the brownies are not yet ready.

12) Mix a splash of milk with icing sugar, vanilla extract and your food colouring and drizzle on the cooled brownies.


You probably won't want to share them once you've tried them but you should because everyone will compliment you on your new baking skills.

If you give them a go take a photo and tag me on insta: @kayedykes

Would love to see how they turn out and what little twists you put on them!

- Kaye xo

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