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Visiting Haworth | Travel Guide

Haworth has always been one of my favourite places to spend the day. Thank god it's local!

There's hundreds of things to do here so, forgive me if I don't include your favourite!

I'm going to talk you through some of MY favourite things to do. Perfect for any kind of day and extra perfect when you just need that day out guaranteed to make you smile.

Number 10, The Coffee House.


This is the place at the bottom of Main Street with the little yellow door. Honestly, you need to go here. Every time I go I order cake and a hot chocolate. The hot chocolates are giant and soooooo good, if i'm not mistaken they're made from flakes of actual chocolate. Really creamy, rich and just amazing.

Claire always has a great selection of cakes on the menu which she bakes herself and they're just to die for, and you always get such a big slice!

I always leave with such a full tum and never disappointed.

Can we talk about how lush the decor is?? I love the exotic travel vibe going on and all the greenery!

I'd love to tell you menu and prices but every time I've been there has been a different selection so I couldn't even begin to! I believe there's also sandwiches on the menu and a variety of different coffee beans and teas!

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Drinks @ The Many Pubs. (My Faves: Haworth Old Hall & Mill Hey)

The Old Hall is somewhere I've visited with both friends and with family. I have dined there many a time for food but can't seem to find my photos!! I have found a couple from the time I had pie and a blackberry gin!

The food is gorgeous and here's a link to their menu's.

It's one of my favourite places to go for a drink, even in these COVID times it's still lovely and will be a great way to end your Haworth day out.

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Mill Hey is relatively new and is situated at the bottom of Haworth by the train station and is a lovely little spot for a drink. They have a great selection of cocktails for a good price and is modern and cosy indoors.

Only a short walk from Main Street, this is a great location and is a popular place to socialise.

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If you are wanting to stay on Main Street for drinks there’s also Tap & Tonic, a trendy new bar that’s recently opened and absolutely gorgeous inside. They feature a wide range of gins to try and also have wine and cheese boards on offer!

Main Street Shopping

Main Street is full of quirky shops, each one of them unique. From the sweet shop at the very top to the apothecary to the book shops, chocolate shops, gift shops, quirky bits and bobs. There's a selection to keep you busy for half the day!

Just look at all the pretty things you can buy! Honestly, it's really hard for me not to spend all my life savings in one go. Wait, what life savings?? Haaa.

Breakfast & Pottery @ Cobbles and Clay

I've had my eye on painting my own pot at Cobbles and Clay for ages now but I've only ever had breakfast there. Yes you heard me correct. You can paint your own pot while scranning on some really nice food. There's a choice of what you can paint, all at different prices. I think it sounds like a really fun way to have a meal out and it's so unique!

For breakfast I ordered syrup and banana pancakes with a Bailey's latte. Oh my god the latte was delicious! There's real art vibes about the place and I adored the rainbow teapot!

Watch this space for when I finally paint my pottery!

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Bronte Waterfalls, Top Withins and Penistone Hill

A great local walk. You can start at Penistone Hill, walk to Bronte Waterfalls and then further along to Top Withins. Top Withins is the ruined farmhouse said to be Wuthering Heights, the novel written by Haworth's own Emily Bronte.

It's a lovely walk, especially in the sunshine and warmth of summer and can take you a couple of hours if you want it to. There's a bench at Top Withins so if you pack a lunch you can have a little picnic with the best view!

I could go on for forever more talking about what to do and where else to go in Haworth but I will honestly ruin out of room so maybe I'll save that for a part two! Keep those peepers peeled for that one!

I feel like I've listed a range of activities and enough to keep you going for now and I'll get to writing about the bits I've had to leave out while you explore.

Take a day out and let me know what your favourite thing to do there is! I'll list it in my next one!

- Kaye xo

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